How I ran MK2866

I was basically doing zero cardio on top of all of this. The problem with dirty bulking though, is that once you cross a certain body fat threshold and your muscle definition is mostly covered up, you really can’t directly see whether what you’re gaining is actually lean muscle or fat, because all you really see is just your overall body size in general just getting bigger and bigger, and if you don’t understand the basic math in terms of realistic muscle growth rates for a natural and your strength in the gym is also going up consistently you just assume you’re packing on a bunch of muscle,when in reality the majority of it is fat. Here is the ostarine dosage I was using.

So to make a long story short, I kept up with this ridiculous approach, I kept training hard and essentially forced feeding myself like a farm animal, I can’t even remember how long this went on for, but the scale just kept going up steadily, 205, 210, 220, just under 230, and I just figured, Hey, man this is great, I’m bigger than ever, I’m stronger than ever, I’m killing it, I’ve made great progress, let’s do a quick cut now and I’llbe in my best shape ever.

And again, because like a lot of lifters out there, the muscle gain/fat gain ratios in my mind we’re just way out of whack in terms of what is actually realistically attainable. I figured if I just draw up, maybe, 15 pounds of fat then I’d be sitting there at a lean and muscular 210 to 215 pounds. So I took some before pictures which are the ones that I showed earlier here, here’s another awesome one for you to enjoy looking very attractive there, and after I took those picture sthat was kind of my first inkling that maybe I was a bit fatter than I realized, maybe I had gone a little overboard.

This was back before smart phones. This was like 2008 and I had one of those crappy little flip phones I couldn’t take pictures, so I wasn’t taking regular pictures of myself during my bulking phase because I just couldn’t be bothered to pull up my digital camera and take a bunch of pictures. So I was pretty much just going by the mirror all the way through.

And the thing is that when you see yourself every single day in the mirror you just get used to your reflection and then because the changes in size are so gradual, it’s just really easy to not realize how much you’ve actually changed over time. But I remember I took those pictures, had a look and I was, like, okay, yeah, I’m definitely carrying some pretty decent fat here. This is more than I realized, but let’s just do this cut and let’s see what happens, and this is kind of where the rude awakening comes in for guys who dirty bulk and that’s where you start cutting and you’re losing fat consistently and you’ve dropped an amount of fat that you thought would make a big difference to your physique, but yet no abs or muscle definition of any kind is anywhere to be found.

So that’s what happened to me, I got down to 220 still fat, got down to 210 still fat,200 still pretty fat, and it wasn’t until I got back to my normal previous weights down toward about the 190 range that the leanness slowly started to come back, and at that point it just hit me that all throughout that bulking process I had really only gained a very small amount of actual muscle despite all the effort I had put in.

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